REGIONS OF South Australia - Tours and Activities

Welcome to South Australia, the home of great wine regions, fine food, rugged outback ranges, beautiful seaside villages and cosmopolitan resorts.


Adelaide is a wonderful city to visit. It has many great eateries and restaurants and the quality of the food is impressive. Adelaide is the ideal location to set off on one of the many tours to Kangaroo Island, the Adelaide Hills and the beautiful wine growing regions of McLaren Vale and the Barossa.

Adelaide Hills Tours

The Adelaide Hills belong to a beautiful region overlooking the east of Adelaide.

Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley resembles its own classic wines: its a place of character, complexity, charm. It's also the place to spend an enchanted weekend, or better still, several days and nights.

Clare Valley

The Clare Valley is a beautiful region that encompasses the town of Clare, a town situated approx 120 kms north of Adelaide.

Flinders Ranges

Welcome to South Australia's giant backyard - the Flinders Ranges and Outback. It is a timeless land. A land of great change, constantly reshaped over hundreds of millions of years. It is a land that holds many secrets.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island situated near Adelaide is possibly the most unique, unspoiled wilderness in Australia.


A relaxed and popular boating town on the Murray River.

Murray River

Experience the beautiful Murray River, a life line that streches from Queensland through New South Wales and Victoria to South Australia.

Port Augusta

Port Augusta at the top of Spencer Gulf is a main junction that provides access to Port Lincoln, Adelaide and Alice Springs.

Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln is surrounded by a multitude of beautiful natural attractions.