Tin Can Bay Houseboat Hire

A variety of Houseboat options for cruising in the inside of Fraser Island in The Great Sandy Straits.

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Cruising the waters between the coast and Fraser Island can be a wonderful experience. There are many small inlets in this region where you may fish or just relax and take in the beauty that surrounds you. Finding a sheltered spot where you can be on you own wont be a problem. There are many miles of interesting coastline on the mainland and Fraser Island so your stay on the houseboat wont be boring!

What type of houseboat should I hire to cruise the Great Sandy Straits on the inside of Fraser Island?

Depending on the numbers of people travelling in your party you may choose from small to very large vessels that can safely navigate the waters from Tin Can Bay and the inside Fraser Island.

You do not need a special licence to hire a houseboat - just some common sense and an interest in safety.

Most houseboats will have TV's, BBQ's and other features that will make your stay enjoyable.